Workshops provide opportunity to gain traction and  cover  lots of ground in a short amount of time. Putting new ideas and skills into action through one-on-one and group interaction,  role-play, experiential exercises, journaling, meditation is the way to grow! 

& couples

Out of Egypt and One Flesh retreats provide powerful growth opportunities. Both workshops are intense and require commitment to the process. They are both extremely interactive and include playfulness and fun as well as good hard work. The results are worth it!  

Those in Prison

We believe God is pleased when we reach out to those who are forgotten. We love serving through mentoring, providing tangible gifts, and providing workshops for individuals and couples.  

Care Providers

We provide workshops for leadership teams, counselors, churches, and pastors. Businesses and families can also enjoy the challenge, inspiration, and growth possible through an event designed with their particular needs in mind. 

Workshop offerings

One Flesh

Marriage Retreat
This 3 day retreat has been carefully crafted to provide a safe and supportive environment for couples to get away and take a look at where they've been, where they are now, and what they desire for the future. 

Out of Egypt

Personal Growth Retreat
This retreat helps to identify behaviors and defenses that have outlived their usefulness.  Biblical teaching, directed exercises, personal reflection, and group interactions allow for new possibilities of seeing / being in your life.

Growing Your Marriage

Marriage Workshop for Prison
With the support of wardens, wives may participate with their husbands for a full day session, learning better how to maintain marriage when one's spouse is incarcerated.   We feel God's blessing every time we minister with these sisters and brothers.  

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