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The Beatitudes
for Every Believer
This workbook will help you dig deep and grow strong spiritually and help you overcome defects of character and bad habits of belief and behavior. 

Take It to the Cross
for Couples

from Conflict to Connection
The tool outlined in this book will give you a safe and sure path for navigating your most difficult conversations. It will rescue and take your marriage to the next level! 

Growing Strong in Christ Through the Beatitudes

31 Meditations for Individuals or Groups
Excerpted from CrossTies and available in English and other languages, this book is perfect for individual or small group study. It will take you through the beatitudes in a fresh and fulfilling way.

Give and Take

A book for children
This small book teaches the perils of accumulation and the joys of giving.  Illustrated by Dr. Paul, there are only two words that need reading - Give and Take!