One Flesh Retreat

One Flesh teaching draws from psychology, physiology and human development.  Jesus' first words in the Sermon on the Mount, known as the Beatitudes, anchor One Flesh in biblical truths.

This three-day retreat has been carefully crafted to provide a safe and supportive environment for couples to get away and take a look at where they've been, where they are now and what they desire for the future.   

One Flesh Retreats have been given in a variety of locations.   Currently our most popular location is at Horseshoe Falls in Lampasas, Texas.   We have also conducted the retreat at churches in the Houston/Woodlands area and other retreat centers around the world.  Please look at the upcoming event schedule for a location.

It is our most popular retreat and is continually sold out

One Flesh derives its name from Genesis 2:24.  It approaches marriage as a living thing that has a life cycle from birth to maturity.  By taking this developmental view of marriage, challenge and crisis are seen as a natural part of the growth process.  When things fall apart, new solutions are needed.  As it holds together, a marriage grows through stress and partners learn healthier, more adaptive skills.

Regardless of the state of your marriage, the teaching and exercises will meet you where you are and provide necessary tools to move forward

In order to attend One Flesh, it is imperative that you make arrangements to be completely focused and undistracted from Friday morning through Sunday afternoon.   Partial attendance is not allowed.

The cost for the retreat is $750. This covers everything ĘC two nights lodging, all meals, some snacks, and refreshments, plus all retreat materials. This also includes follow-up study materials. A deposit of $400 will reserve your place. The Seminar Only in Austin is $300. If finances are a problem your church may be able to underwrite some of the cost of attendance. Partial scholarships are sometimes available through our ministry.

The One Flesh retreat is limited to six couples and is generally held five times a year.
See Schedule of Events for dates.

For more information and payment information, call: 281-825-8963
or  e:mail:

One Flesh Retreat - May 18-20, 2018

The cost of the retreat ranges from $700 to $850 per couple, depending on your accommodations.  For a queen downstairs bedroom with private bath, the cost is $850.  For a queen upstairs bedroom with shared bath, the cost is $800.  For a king or queen bedroom with shared bath at a off-site location less than 5 minutes away, the cost is $700.

For a queen downstairs bedroom with private bath
Dr. Looney-One Flesh Retreat 
Total Payment: $850 
For a queen upstairs bedroom with shared bath
One Flesh Retreat  
Total Payment: $800 
One Flesh - off-site   
Location $750 
One Flesh Retreat  
Deposit Only: $400 

In order to receive a full refund of your deposit you must cancel at least 30 days before the retreat.

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